Tuesday, 3 February 2015

REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot

To those who may be unaware, REN is one of my two favourite skincare brands of all time. I love the packaging, the concepts behind new launches, that they are cruelty free and, most of all, the results. In fact. it's not just me that loves them but my skin too.


Their latest product, available from this month onwards, is called the Instant Firming Beauty Shot. It's basically a gel-serum that makes the skin look instantly plumper and brighter for up to four hours after application. But it also works on a deeper level in the skin, improving its firmness. I could go into the sciencey bit but really that means little to me. The bottom line is that after applying this, you'll want to stroke your face for the rest of the day. It makes the skin unbelievably soft and glowy and is great before bed and the application of an intensive moisturiser to replenish and hydrate your skin overnight. But it is equally a great way to start your day and make you look well-rested. It's exactly what your skin needs after winter.


Another major selling point for me is that it is a multi-tasking product - and don't we all love those? It doubles up as a fantastic primer. I used it the other day instead of my Porefessional and it proved the smoothest base imaginable.

Just two or three drops from the pipette is all you need, followed by moisturiser or make-up and it can be topped up as much as you like throughout the day. It also smells gorgeous, btw.


REN Instant Firming Beauty Shot retails at €48.

*This product was given to me as a press sample but all opinions expressed are my own.*

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