Monday, 9 February 2015

Fashback: Jean Paul Gaultier RTW A/W 2006/7

Fog descended and remained for the weekend. And I, for one, was delighted. I love fog. I love how it casts buildings and trees into swimming contrast against a murky white canvas. I feel the witchy vibes. Against the trickle of cold, I want to swathe myself in cloaks and magic beyond the realities of this world.

Which brought to mind Gaultier's RTW A/W 2006/7 show.

Haunting beauty. Less obvious beauty. Familiars, velvet, long, long hair, floating coats and dresses and scarves.

I mean, how much more delightfully witchy could it be? Ugh. And it's RTW. I'd definitely dress like this on the daily if I could. Give me the corsetry, military details, the demure sex-appeal of more left unshown and unsaid. Give me the faux, the brocade, the sheers. One of the best shows of recent years. 

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