Friday, 13 February 2015

A Girl's Guide to buying a Girl Lingerie for Valentine's

This post is devised with a particular dynamic in mind - that being between a heterosexual couple. And with a particular stereotypical scenario being played out - in which a man buys a woman lingerie for Valentine's day.

I'm here to prevent disaster.

Because, my friend, you are in dangerous territory.

First of all, you may be thinking, "Yay, a present we both can enjoy!", which is all well and good. However, if you're grumbling and thinking, "If I must buy her something, it may as well be something I'll like too" - you need to reassess. Reassess your relationship, whether or not you're a jerk and whether or not you should have discussed the Valentine's thing if you really aren't into it. A gift given out of obligation may as well not have been given at all.

You might also consider:

(i) Do you know enough about her taste?
(ii) Do you know her sizes?
(iii) Is she insecure and, by buying lingerie, might you be putting too much pressure on her?
(iv) Is she insecure but, by buying lingerie, and via previous conversations and gestures are you helping her build up her confidence and realise she's great as she is?
(v) Would she like this gift?
(vi) Does she normally ever wear lingerie?
(vii) If so, what kinds/styles?

If you can answer those questions with a yes for (i), (ii), (iv), (v) and (vi) - go ahead! You're a knowledgeable and supportive partner. If it's a yes for (iii), you may reconsider this plan. And if you're stuck on (vii), read on.


The above are some options that are elegant, sexy, playful but not at all tacky. This is the track you want to follow. Let's leave the Ann Summers to hen parties, shall we? If you're buying lingerie, you should be investing. It should be a luxury gift that skirts the cringeyness of cheap lingerie as a stereotypical Valentine's gift. Avoid the disgusted look or a slap across the face.

As women get older, in general, they tend to put more energy and money into good undergarments (in their own right and as a basis to a well-fitting and put-together outfit) so you're basically buying something she might get as a treat for herself. And, certainly in my case, lingerie bought as a gift to myself means a bit of splurging. That being said, I've still picked out options from largely highstreet sources above so you won't be entirely bankrupted. 

1. This silk cami and brief combo from Cos is a little more modest but still sheer and sexy and, while less about the skin being revealed, it's tactile and soft against the body. This is the type of thing that'll impress a fashion-savvy gal as Cos is a popular brand but will also show you're not just a perv.

2. Agent Provocateur is extremely expensive but this bra and brief combo with attached garter is from their diffusion line L'Agent and is, therefore, less so. It's also coming from Outnet, a discounted online designer store (keep it in mind for future reference and seem like the best partner ever without emptying your wallet entirely). But, if we look at the style rather than the specific set, you'll see that the key here is that while the sheer and garter are very sexy, the colour and bows make it a little girlier and sweeter and stop it from being overkill.

3. The set from Topshop is for slightly more modest or body-conscious women or girls who just dig the vintage vibe. A nice option for a gal that spends hours trawling through rails in vintage stores.

4. You want to go for the super-sexy vibe? This how to do it. Keeping it all one colour, especially a restrained tone like black, stops it from looking cheap. Win-win.

5. And, finally, this bodysuit from Topshop has a mesh construction with shell-shaped panels over the breasts. It's super-playful and cute for anyone who loved The Little Mermaid or is just up for a bit of a giggle.

So, there you have it. A guide to buying daycent lingerie. Tomorrow's the big day - good luck! And, hey, if neither of you believe in the holiday, then you've got a lingerie guide for future reference. It's always a good gift when done right!

Disclaimer: If it goes tits up (ha), don't blame me.

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