Thursday, 10 July 2014

Wide-Eyed and Blind Summer 2014 Lookbook - Summer Whites.

Hey! So, I'm pretty excited for this - my first lookbook! Summer to me is all about being light and airy and what with my tendency to never trust myself with the responsibility of wearing white and Wimbledon everywhere...well, I decided to go with three all-white (almost) looks. It's a pretty striking thing to wear, ensuring you stand out from the crowd and makes you look much more polished. Plus, it shows off any summer glow you might have going on.

I styled three different girls or three different facets of my style depending on how rigid you are to one look or not. One is uber-girly and cute, one is boyish and one has a little more bite to it - tipping my hat to my punk roots and all! Not all of the clothes are still available in stores but I'll note where things are recent purchases.

Enough babbling already! I hope you like my first lookbook.

(Italics indicate recently  purchase items.)

Dress - Charlise, Sliders - Heavenly Feet, Headband - Present from my sister, bought in Spain.

Cardigan - Primark, Tank - Illustrated People, Topshop, Trousers - Deck by Decollage, Shoes - Topshop, Headband - Tiger, Sunglasses, River Island.

Shirt - Pimark, Jeans - Paul Smith, Sunglasses - Topshop, Shoes - Next.

Which look is your favourite? 

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