Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Fanny Crown - get your Debs look!

...sounds a wee bit like an adult entertainer's name...(soz, I couldn't help myself) but is actually a great site where you can get Debs, prom, wedding, cocktail and many other kinds of occasion dresses at pretty reasonable prices. There's a crazy-wide range of dresses in all sorts of colours, silhouettes, lengths and styles. So, there's really something for everyone. I was personally taken in by the more intricate, extravagant dresses that I would never have enough occasions to validate purchasing them all...but a gal can dream, right?

But, how, pray tell did I come to hear about them? And why am I talking about the brand now?

Good questions, me.

Well, they actually contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in entering their blogger contest by showing how I would style and where I would wear one of their dresses. And while I was flattered to be asked, the real deal-clincher for me was that I could do my annual Debs-themed post while offering you, my fair readers, a chance to potentially find your dream dress at a discount. Yeah, you heard right. There's a WEAB discount of 15% for all my readers if you use the code WIDEEYEDNBLIND14 at the checkout from now until the 14th of September 2014! Pretty rad, right? So, I hope with Debs season beginning in some parts of Ireland for Irish readers and potential international advance-planners for other similar events in our midst, some of you might luck out. Definitely contact me and let me know if this happens! Tweet me or let me know on Instagram. I'd come over all proud momma if you did!

Annnyyyyyhoooo, moving on from that major digression to the dress, the events and the styling.

One dress, two balls

So, the dress I chose was this nude lingerie inspired full-length gown. Underwear as outerwear is a trend I always get behind when it comes around again and again - if it's done right. This piece is an example of it being done well, there is a certain level of sex appeal in the visible corsetry but the demure colour and length with the sweet lace detailing tames it. There's an innocence to it but a bit of bite, a sense of humour. I also think that it could go from very formal to more casual easily with the right styling.

Which is why I've chosen it for two rather different events - both are balls but on different ends of the spectrum. My mother and I are discussing spending hallowe'en at this Masquerade ball we heard about last year and I think this would be great for that. The barely there, thin-strapped Saint Laurent heels would keep the look light and airy while the Charlotte Olympia clutch adds a sense of playfulness and a nod to the lingerie/bedroom vibes of the dress. It's tongue-in-cheek and a great ice-breaker. Accessories should compliment your outfit but they're also a chance to have fun and try new things. It doesn't have to be uber-serious. The gilt Topshop earrings keep with the gold tones introduced by the bag and reference the lace and elegance in the dress balancing the fun and the pretty in the outfit. And, instead of a traditional mask, this Maison Michel headpiece obscures the face while being both cute and fun. 

I was also thinking of hitting up a Trinity Ball this year for old times sake. As this is basically a festival at night in formal wear, it requires different styling. Instead of strappy sandals, I'm going with chunky but cute Alexander Wang boots for warmth, comfort and protection amongst the crush of bodies in the tents. They're also better for traversing the cobbles. Damn cobblestones. For this take on the same dress, I'm upping the fun factor, so a bag like this Moschino one and earrings like these by Marc by Marc Jacobs are perfect. The bag is also a good idea as it's cross-body so you can keep your stuff safe and not have to worry about lugging anything around. A leather biker would be a final touch for later on in the night when it starts to get chilly.

And there you have it - the same dress, two ways!

But what for hair and makeup?

makeup for le dress

I'd actually do the same look for both events. The dress and accessories are kind of a knock-out so I would want to keep things minimal, natural and pretty. Hair would be in natural waves emphasised by Sea Salt spray from Lush. For the Masquerade ball some may be pinned back a little and for Trinity Ball, I would  definitely bring a hair-tie for sweaty moments in the pit - ain't nobody got time for all my hair. 

The base should be light and dewy with Maybelline's Dream Pure BB and then Rimmel's Match Perfection translucent powder. A bronzer like this one by Too Faced could be used to contour the jaw and cheek bones while Topshop's Glow is perfect for on the brow bone, centre and tip of nose, cupid's bow and cheek bones. Benefit's Browzings for a defined and neat brow and their They're Real Push Up Liner for the only drama on the face - a defined cateye. Nude smokeyness via Naked 3 and natural-looking but oomph-given lashes via Clinique's High Impact mascara. And to finish off, a coat of Eve Lom's Kiss mix topped by a peachy shade like this one from YSL.

So, there you have it! That's how I'd go about things. What do you think?

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