Friday, 4 July 2014

Summer at Boohoo.

Continuing my festival themed posts, I'm looking at's dedicated festival line. I feel like Boohoo is a great option for getting stuff that's totally on trend and current, that's fun without blowing your budget and without investing into pieces so heavily that you're distraught if they get damaged. Let's be honest, festivals can get messy, so you don't want to bring anything along that you can't replace if necessary.

The festival line is made up of three collections; Woodstock, Grunge Fest and Sunset Raver. So, you have a choice of three kinds of festival vibes to go with or you can be the multi-faceted gal you are and have a bit of all three.

Not only is Boohoo offering some truly gorgeous pieces at totally affordable prices but they're also celebrating your summer celebrations. They let me know that they're offering you all the chance to win the ultimate holiday and all you have to do is show off one of your Summer memories by uploading a picture to either Instagram or Twitter, including the hashtag #experienceeverything. The closing date is July 16th so, if you're interested, get snapping soon!

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