Thursday, 31 July 2014

I have soft feet now.

I just thought you'd all like to know that important piece of info. You're welcome.

But srsly.

But HOW?

Well, I'll tell you. I got sent the Nails Inc. MICRO Pedi to give a whirl, thinking it couldn't combat growing up shoeless whenever possible. TMI, I know, but it develops callouses like no one's business. Summers meant not wearing shoes when I was little, we roamed from house, to pool, to trampoline, to the fields surrounding. I also make bad shoe decisions now on the reg.

Basically, my feet were in shite. To summarise, that is.

So, I didn't have high hopes. This particular kit, however, was especially enticing as it is a collab with Nails Inc. and includes two cute shades - a pink called brook street and an orange called porchester place. These alone are worth €33 and the entire kit retails for €49.99 - so, that's like, economics and stuff. Legit.

Anyway, I loved the colours and I was truly surprised by how well the MICRO Pedi actually worked. My one complaint is that it could have been a little stronger so less time has to be spent but that may just speak more to the condition of my feet. Also, a super-charged version would probably be dangerous in my hands...

Overall, I would really recommend this product especially this particular kit as the MICRO Pedi alone is forty quid. That extra tenner is well worth it.

Shop on and prosper, my friends.

(Apologies for weirdness - I'm tired)

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