Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Wedding Outfit

Over the weekend, my cousin married her long-time boyfriend and my family and I attended. The setting in Rathsallagh was picturesque and charming, the food was great, there was plenty of craic and I got to catch up with relatives I hadn't seen in ages!

The only outfit photos from the day come from late that night and the chaos of the lights hints at a certain amount the time. Not your typical wedding attire, I went for something less obvious that I would be comfortable in. I knew teetering in heels and worrying about flashing people in a skirt were too much for someone as uncoordinated as I, so I played on my love of androgyny and simplicity instead. The palette is limited to black and white and, for anything bar a wedding I would have gone all white instead. But I do bow to some social convention and didn't want to upset anyone or create any drama (no matter how minor) by wearing white. So, instead of donning my white blazer, I threw this black Lennon Courtney coat over a sheer Topshop cami and a pair of white brocade D.E.C.K. by Decollage pants. The Deena and Ozzy boots from Urban Outfitters stressed me out a tad as I thought they were too non-weddingy. But the heel is height-giving and walkable! How could I say no? And it turned out that it all came together as urban, modern, clean and androgynous with just enough and just a touch of bite. Minimalist silver COS earrings were my only jewellery and a vintage wicker bag completed the look, nodding to the season. Hair and makeup was kept easy, natural and fuss free.

The bride, I should mention, looked radiant in a simple figure-skimming Sharon Hoey gown with detachable sheer sleeves and a low back. Her hair was set in soft waves and tumbled over shoulder. Congrats, Niamh and Paul - may your lives together be long and full of every joy.

Preparations, libations and failed nail transformations from the night before

Car selfie.

Actual nails - only colour in le outfit.

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