Sunday, 6 July 2014

How I got my Dream Hair.

So, the last year or so has been pretty key to my skin, body and haircare education. And, as a result of all this new knowledge, all three are looking better than ever. Not being vain here, it's just that I can visibly see the results of taking care of myself. And it was about time that I started really. My skin can be a bit crazy and temperamental at times because hormones tend to wreck all my good work once a month. Goddammit. Hair and body, however, are much more dependable. My skin below the neck is consistently pretty hydrated and perfectly clear. And my hair is doing good things almost every single day at the moment. I genuinely think I've had about two bad hair days in over six months.

It's the hair I've wanted my entire life.

When I was little, my Mam kept mine and my sister's hair at bob length to keep it manageable so I've been growing it out since I was trusted to care for it myself. That means I've been willing it longer for over a decade now. During my teens I had whims where I cut it short, added different kinds of layers, shaved a section, dyed it etc. This interrupted the growth and what I really wanted - damn distractions. And my hair is naturally slow-growing and quite thin. Around three years ago, I stopped cutting it bar trims to keep it healthy and began growing out my layers. Now, it's the longest by far that it's ever been, all one length, thicker and less dead-straight. All the things I've always wanted. And while I salivate over pictures of lobs, I know I'm happiest with what I have now.

It's my Dream Hair. But how did I get here?

First of all, I've grown up enough to distinguish between whim and what I really want. It's good to have fun with your look but you can't put hair back a week later. I'm dedicated to growing out my hair just a wee bit more and then maintaining that. I'm at waist-length right now.

Secondly, I realised that less is more. My hair is pretty healthy as I don't style it or use a lot of products and I let it air-dry almost every time. But I used to over-wash. I'm super-paranoid about being smelly and staying clean so I shower every day without fail but I no longer wash my hair that often. Every two to three days is enough and some will say even this is too much but it's as much as I'm willing to go to. I also brush my hair less often. Brushing can break up your hair and also spreads the oils meant to rest on top of your head through the entirety. Now I only brush my hair after washing to get all the tangles out and that's it.

When I wash my hair, I use less product and only condition every second wash. I also stopped conditioning the roots and only work the product into the ends of my hair. The shampoo and conditioner I use are both by Argan Oil and I also run a little Oil Arganic from Tan Organic through my hair before brushing it out. These products are all highly affordable with the Argan Oil available in all good pharmacies from €1.50 and the Oil Arganic is €24.99 and lasts for ages.

Twice a month I use hair masks or treatments. My current favourite is Garnier's Ultimate Blends The Glow Replenisher. It's great for making your hair shiny and only needs to be left in for one minute before rinsing.

And to improve my rate of hair growth and its thickness, I've been using the Viviscal Hair and Scalp Serum. After almost a month of use, I can say I've genuinely noticed that my hair is fuller. It's applied as a couple of drops to the scalp and worked in morning and night to dry or wet hair.

Day to day, I do basically nothing with my hair. I wear it down most days and keep a band on my wrist to tie it back when it gets in my way. A quick running of my hands through it is enough to right it. I now have the hair I want and its also unbelievably low-maintenance. Win. Win.

So, are you happy with your hair? Any secret tips?

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