Monday, 9 September 2013

Alexander Wang - It Pieces for another Season.

I predict it now, it's fairly - if not patently (geddit?) - obvious that Alexander Wang has knocked it out of the park once again and created a collection full of stand-out pieces that will sell out world wide. He has a real knack for that - creating the must-haves that women all over will lust after. Which is funny because lust and sensuality are key components of the appeal of the collection. The Parental Advisory pieces, the boxer shorts, the shirts and all the pieces emblazoned with his name will be at the top of many shopping lists.

Now, it's no news that I'm a major fan. Like, seriously. He's gone and done it again with all the things I like; unobvious sexiness, playing on the whole male-female dynamic and putting uncomplicated but striking pieces together. As has been noted in many reviews of the show, his girl looks like one who rolled out of bed and is fabulously undone. She looks like she is this cool without trying at all. And that is an amazingly appealing notion to fashion people and normal women alike.

A nineties, early nougthies aesthetic runs through the collection in much of the silhouettes, fabric choices and return of logo-mania but, as a whole, it remains undeniably fresh and modern. The cool, limited palette isn't very S/S but is decidedly New York and Wang.

Wang's strength of vision is, once again, apparent in his latest showing. His girl is as unmistakable as she is stylish and much as he creates pieces with ephemeral appeal, his collections are permeated with that sense of style that Yves Saint Laurent once specified as being different from fashion.

(Images from NY Post)

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