Sunday, 29 September 2013

Isabel Marant - We know what you can there anything you can't?

On my birthday, the images of the H&M collaboration with Isabel Marant that I'd been waiting so long for were released. Two days later the S/S show walked the runway. Hot damn! I want it all. Seriously. The collab gets you much of the staples of Isabel Marant brand whereas the show presents the next step.

Isabel Marant for H&M - My picks

The beautiful blazer in the show, however, is very similar to one in the collab, making current pieces more accessible to your average Jane.

The show is what you would expect: easy, boho, cool-girl chic. A mix of fabrics and girly frills with more tailored, perfectly on-point jackets. And though it's nothing unexpected, it's so what everyone wants that we're okay with that. Some designers shock and awe. Others consistently impress.

Can I order a slice of Parisian rock and roll cool?

Want, want, want.

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