Sunday, 22 September 2013

JW does something a little new.

So, the JW show is nothing like news at this point but I never got a chance to rave about it. I'll do that now, then, shall I?

Texture is a focus this time around and a-symmetry and origami-like folding remain ever-present features. The collection, however, seems more distinctly typically female with less forays into men's wardrobes yet the approach to sex appeal remains distinctly high fashion.

Most notable, for me, was the fact that despite it being a cohesive collection there was a divide between the typically JW pieces which would need some sort of restyling for daily use and immediately wearable, undeniably commercial pieces. His stamp is all over the clothes, one could not attribute them to anyone else but the gowns, in particular surprised me. To remain true to your brand and produce pieces that both surprise and's hugely impressive. See what I did there?

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