Saturday, 28 September 2013

All of the celebrations!

So, this week I turned 22 and my birthday marked mine and my boyfriend's six-year anniversary. I also never got around to celebrating a year of the blog back in May but now seems the time to tip my hat to that and the almost 50,000 page views I have accumulated so far. It may still be the minor leagues but I appreciate every view from every one of you. Major mwah. (Salute à la How I Met Your Mother)

Celebrations a-plenty as a result!

I also have two exciting interviews coming up in the future so watch this space for more!

Plus, the Isabel Marant/H&M collection being unveiled on my birthday? Cannot merely be coincidence! Excitement! I will post some squeeing on that tomorrow. For now, please accept some photos of my birthday week.

Skyping the boyf in London on the anniversary.
Birthday Cake #1 (2 and 3 weren't photographed)
Birthday swag.

Birthday dinner and drinks.
Shoes on the dancefloor
Bathroom selfie of outfit on the occasion.

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