Thursday, 11 October 2012

Twin Peaks Inspiration/Excuse to Stare at the Girls

Current obsessions via Twin Peaks:

1). Beauty spots/marks - whatever you want to call them, the nineties loved 'em and Audrey's? So lovely. I actually have one in almost the same spot but it's much lighter in colour, more of a freckle really. I've always wished it were more like the below - it's wayyy sexier.

2. The Red lip on a super-fresh face - the girls of Twin Peaks all tended to have pretty natural make-up but then added a dash of red lipstick (in varying hues) that accentuated their perfect faces and brought out the colour of their eyes.

3. Big, side-swept nineties hair - The style in Twin Peaks is wonderfully, quintessentially nineties and their hair with the dramatic side-parting and big, bouncy volume is something I'll admit to being a sucker for (within reason - hair can be big but it should never be massive).

And don't even get me started on the plaids and kilts and James' biker jacket! Oh, and Audrey's old Hollywood kind of glamour. Such a stylish show. The mood of it, too, is very stylised and I love moody things lots.

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