Sunday, 14 October 2012

In Honour of Sybil...

...because I actually can't handle this. I realise how pathetic this makes me but, then, I know so many people who reacted the same way and it's kind of nice to know I'm not alone in my grief and over-reaction. I guess it's a testament to Julian Fellowes' skill as a writer that people were so invested in his character and have reacted this way (though he's getting a lot of undeserved abuse all over the net). So, this post is a tribute to Sybil and the style of Downton because I'm just that lame. But, hey, it ain't news that I'm a nerd.

Moving on from my grief (for now) let's talk about the style of the show. Obviously, the costume part of a costume drama is always important but here it's particularly interesting; we see three different classes and what they wear and how it differs. We see modernisation happen and the turn of a century. And as the show follows their lives in general and doesn't centre purely around romance, we are witness to various different occasions. All of these things are reflected in the clothes, makeup and hairstyles.

Poor, lovely Sybil:

Pin curls - one of the loveliest contributions of the twenties:

The boys with slick hair, rugged jawlines, suits all day every day and uniforms!

And some samples of real life:

Lady Sybil for LOVE Magazine. Their covers were AMAZING.

Edith being a super-babe in real life! Seriously, detractors feck off! 

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