Saturday, 20 October 2012

The Lost Article.

Here's a sample article I wrote a while back to send around to various magazines - it's a little out of date now but I really just wanted an excuse to post these pictures. I'm in love with the entire look. And I also feel kinda protective of Kristen Stewart, I feel like she got levels of abuse that she didn't deserve. Plus I'm pissed that once again the married, older man with children gets off pretty much scott-free while the woman was blamed for everything and is probably to be booted out of a franchise that her being in was kind of the selling point. Nice, world. Nice. - Getty Images

Breakup Sex(Appeal).

A quick internet search proves that I'm not the only one to think that maybe break ups might be
good for us after seeing Kristen Stewart's recent transformation as displayed at the On the Road
TIFF premiere. For someone that the critics, public and bloggers alike have attacked for red carpet
fashion errors since (what seems like) forever, the girl has blossomed.

Ladies and gentlemen, that's how you do a premiere. Even her detractors have to admit that she
looks amazing. The simplicity of the hair and makeup was totally on point and enhanced her natural
beauty (I'm on the “I think she's adorable” team) and the Zuhair Murad dress? Sigh. Yes, it's a dress
to make you sigh; both modern and timeless, intricate and simple.

Kristen's sudden catapult into fashion It-Girl territory and perfect look put her right up there with
regular fantastic dressers and peers such as Emma Stone. But this is nothing new. Women,
celebrities in particular, often bounce back from the end of relationships by changing their look;
being someone new and improved, showing the ex what they're missing and trying to promote
positivity. Changing one's hair is a rite of passage after a break-up and the so-called “divorce diet”
leads many people to lose weight after a relationship ends.

These are, however, merely physical improvements. People often rediscover their friends upon
breaking up. Having only been in one relationship and still being in said relationship, I think I can
safely say that you have less time for your friends when you are romantically involved with
someone. I have always tried not to ignore my friends completely but it's hard not to see them less.
So, that's one upside to a relationship ending - you remember how awesome your friends are and
how much fun you have with them – and it's only one positive outcome out of a bunch of them.
That urge to prove your ex wrong or to prove to yourself that you don't need them can be just the
push you need to concentrate on your career or follow up that interest; finish that novel or take
lessons to brush up on a language. Furthermore, when you're on your own again, you're, well, on
your own again. You have the time to concentrate entirely on yourself, what you want and who you

So, while I'm not saying that break-ups are fun or easy or to be made light of, maybe they're not the
worst thing in the world either; especially for your wardrobe. If it has to happen, then react like
Kristen Stewart and stun everyone with a new look or do a Jennifer Aniston and take on lots of new

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