Monday, 8 October 2012

Saint Laurent - Yves + Christopher Owens

So maybe he left the band to pursue a modelling career? 

Ex-frontman of Girls, Owens lounges around in beautiful settings and wonderfully composed black and white photography, largely without a shirt, for the newly relabelled label's A/W 2012-S/S 2013 / "Heralding of a new era" campaign. It's not the first instance of Saint Laurent without the Yves but it is quite a new direction for the brand. The campaign is really sexy and quite grungey (I'm loathe to say 'rock and roll') yet remains undeniably chic. This is a very modern Saint Laurent, this is the house moving towards a future, towards a younger client√®le. 

It's all very voyeuristic; it seems as if we are looking in on a couple in private, but without any note of seediness. Nescher, as the female lead in this scene, stares back at us wilfully, unflinching. It is she who meets our eyes and (largely) not Owens. Both are equally bare. There is a wonderful sense that this is more of a gaze for a new generation and not a traditionally gendered gaze. 

It's broody and moody - images that are darkly romantic - images you want to live inside. And I love it for several reasons: 1. I'm a sucker for musicians 2. I love that Owens tattoos become like an extension of the collection and its look 3. The introductory video uses a song (Just a Song) by his former band and I love them 4. The photography is just plain pretty.

Let's see where Slimane continues to take things!

Have a gawk at a selection of the images:

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