Monday, 13 August 2012

The Architecture-Perv is foiled.

These are photos from our lunch (there I go using that word again) in Bantry House. Sadly, I didn't get to architecture-perv on the inside, as shortly after eating we had to run to a pub to catch the moment that all of Ireland rejoiced. I'm positive it'll become Katie Taylor day - A national holiday to celebrate something going right for the country. However, I guess rushing off wasn't so bad as the match was the most nerve-racking eight minutes of my life, followed by my being a patriotic old saddo and crying in public. (Just a little though. I'm not that much of a sack.) Also, there are worse places to be than in a pub with your family for one of those events that people will continue to look back on and remember exactly where they were and what they were doing. Before our quick departure I managed to have an amazing sausage roll, good beer, great crisps and a lemon drizzle cake that induced all kinds of inappropriate noises. And I got to perv on the outside of the building and the grounds.

I was looking kind of polished for once, in a smart, menswear inspired outfit consisting of a cream vintage blazer, tweedy/sporty Topshop shorts, a navy shirt with awesome collar the same colour as the blazer and silver tips and my beloved peep-sneaks.

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