Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fluffy slippers as an accessory?

I spent most of the day in an outfit inspired by stereotypically slobby middle-aged men in the white wife-beater - quite trailer trash - but I gave it a fashion twist. Both the tank and shirt are oversized River Island attire at its best. Often their clothes are cooler when bought in larger sizes and worn in a more relaxed way and I love playing with traditional wardrobe staples that are worn at unusual lengths or with different silhouettes. I'm photographed here in my favourite fluffy slippers reading Dubliners upside-down (the idea of my brother/photographer for the day) and sipping a really awesome Japanese beer (Kirin Ichiban) that we had with our fancy family dinner. The overall effect is a confused mish-mash of literature, fancy beers, fashion and slobbiness. I could have put on real shoes for the photo but I like what the slippers brought to the outfit.

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