Sunday, 19 August 2012

Video: Perry Ellis, Sui, De La Renta S/S 1993.

It's funny how dated that famous Marc Jacobs for Perry Ellis collection looks on the runway versus in stills...This video shows that collection in all it's glory (and misses) as well as Anna Sui and Oscar de la Renta for S/S 1993. There's a lot of unflattering tailoring, hooker-makeup and florals my granny would label old-fashioned going on but then there are moments of clarity. It seems that it is those moments being focused on in the current nineties nostalgia, and while many will bemoan this on the grounds of pastiche etc, I think this video really highlights the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of that era in order to create awesome looks now. Besides, bemoaners, that's what we do for every other era - including pre-modern eras as can be seen in the baroque trend hitting up designers and highstreet alike this coming season. I can see why people are so attracted to the period, especially grunge aesthetics, as it was kind of the last musical genre that defined a generation and, therefore, their wardrobes. Nowadays, we're so awash with influences that it can be dizzying.

I know I've crapped on at length about this topic before but I think this video makes for a good visual aid. And, if nothing else, it's cool to see the Supermodel pack strutting their stuff in their heyday.

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