Friday, 3 August 2012

The Best Sneaker Wedges out there! various price brackets. If you read this blog semi-regularly you'll get that I like sportswear. If you full-on stalk the blog and other sites affiliated with it you'll get that I'm OBSESSED with sneaker wedges. Here's just a few of the best of the best.

1. Marc by Marc Jacobs: My personal faves. If only I had money/was physically capable of saving money. Originally 320 euro on netaporter they were at half price but are now sold out. GODDAMN!!! They come in various colours and are AWESOME. My personal favourites are the striped multi-colour and the white, as seen below.

2. Isabel Marant: So maybe I lied. These are also my favourites and like the above Jacobs ones they were at half-price on netaporter but are now no longer on sale. You would have paid 435 euro originally or 217.50 at half price but can now expect to pay much more via ebay and other such sites. Fucking vultures.

And now some highstreet (ie attainable) versions:

3. Jeffrey Campbell Firenze and Venice: Both 120 euro and one is a more colourful, interesting take while the other is a gorgeous navy or red and nice and simple.

4. Aldo: Again: simple and chic and 100 dollars which puts them at less than 100 euro.

5. Topshop: 1. Athlete Drum Trainers - Super-cute print and 75 pounds. 2. Acrobat Wedge Hi-Top trainers - Nice colour combination and 80 pounds. 3. Aerobic Sport Wedge Trainers - Simple and lovely and 48 pounds.

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