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I've played personal shopper to many a family member and friend over the years. If people want to know where to buy a particular kind of garment they tend to ask me. I'm known to pick up ridiculous bargains - how many people can say they bought a pair of Stella McCartney heels for less than the retail price of most Primark heels?

See, shopping is kinda my thing. If it were a sport, I'd surely be representing Ireland.

And, charitable and kind soul that I am, I thought I'd share my skills with all y'all and help any dudes/people wanting to shop in the menswear sections (I know I do often enough) out there who might be looking to find the perfect coat on the high street. I've broken this down into categories and, if I'm honest, I think any well-dressed individual would be remiss in having a wardrobe without a least one of each of the following sorts of coats. But if you're only in the market for one of them, you're in luck too.

The Leather Jacket

Timeless, endlessly wearable and, if chosen correctly, durable. The right leather jacket can last a lifetime. But, if you're not yet ready to invest, a cheaper faux version can get you by (or if you're opposed to the wearing of leather). If you have the patience and time I would actually recommend trawling charity shops, thrift stores or vintage shops for this item. More often than not, you'll get a better quality, more inexpensive version than you will on the highstreet. For those short on time or energy, this is a less feasible option so feast your eyes on the beauties I've dug up below.

Menswear Outerwear - Leather Jacket

(From Left to Right: Zara, €89.95, H&M, €79.99, Zara, €49.95, H&M, €199, Zara, €49.95)

The Dressy Coat

Sure, you can't wear it with every outfit but clean lines underneath will immediately seem dapper. Hell, even sweatpants are a go if you want to do dressed-up sport luxe. Think of it as women do nice lingerie, the thing to make you feel damn good even on a crappy day. Plus, you can't really throw a parka on over a suit.

The Dressy Coat

(ASOS, €177.73, Topman, €165, COS, €190, ASOS, €142.69, Religion, €284.64)

The Everyday/Practical Coat

You might not be able to just throw that parka over a suit but you still need it, or something similar. Something just a stylish but a little less sleek and a little more practical. This is the coat you get the most mileage out of, the one to keep you warm and dry - it's one to think on a little.

Everyday/Practical Coats

(Top Row: Topman, €82, Topman, €140, Topman, €88, H&M, €59.99. Bottom Row: COS, €225, Topman, €76)

The Trench

A classic trench is exactly like a leather jacket, timeless. There is a sad shortage of the traditional variety in camel or beige in stores at the moment but the options below are pretty damn good all the same. This is one purchase you won't regret as long as you ensure a great fit with room for layers beneath. I've an awesome trench but you can't get a thick jumper underneath which renders it infinitely disappointing.

The Trench

(Topman, €115, Topman, €94, Selected, €89.57, Diesel, €355.45)

The Road Less Travelled

These picks are coats that are a little different, a little fresher, with a bit more flare or adventure. We're talking a-symmetry, vintage appeal, decadent fur trims, interesting silhouettes and material choices. Less wardrobe classics or basics and more something to try if you're feeling brave.

The Road Less Travelled

(Zara, €79.95,  American Apparel, €221.80, Zara, €159, Zara, €159)

Well, any particular favourites?

(Please note that all items were available going to press and this may not be the case if you try to purchase afterwards. Furthermore, all Topman prices are converted from pounds as this is the only price given online, the instore conversion may differ somewhat.)

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