Saturday, 1 November 2014

MONDSS dieu!

When I got an email asking if I wanted to try a new product for protecting your clothes from your pits, my immediate response was to giggle and say, "What...?" My brother, however, was quick to stop me and tell me to read it again.

Launched by the lovely Jane McTernan of my own Co. Kildare, MONDSS is an Irish-run and owned company which I always want to support. And it's actually a really good concept for a product, I was just a little thrown by it at first.

MONDSS Underarm Wear is pitched as a natural, discreet and secure solution to perspiration and, really, it does all the things it purports to do...which is rare. The product comes in pairs of adhesive patches to be stuck underneath the arm as a breathable barrier between skin and clothes. It prevents stains and goes towards diminishing odours.

So, it works, I felt daisy fresh at the end of a long day. But, my initial real concern was comfort. I looked at the patches and thought I'd be aware of them all day and that removing them would be an utter nightmare. Luckily, I was wrong on both counts. After a few moments of wearing them, I had forgotten that they were there and by the end of the day, they came off easily without pain. The only downside for me had to be this ease with which they came off, I lost one in my shirt when I took it off and couldn't find where it had gone. I was slightly paranoid it dropped somewhere public. So be aware that they might become loose after being worn for a lengthy period of time.

I highly recommend this product if you're wearing a delicate item, something super special or something white or prone to staining. A ten pack costs €9.99 and if you order three at the moment, you can use the code BUY3FREEPP to get free shipping.

Interested in trying MONDSS? Good idea or no? 

*This item has been sent to me to review but all opinions are my own and have not been swayed by a third party*

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