Saturday, 15 November 2014

Jessica Nails Peeling Nails Treatment Kit

For three months at the beginning of this year I was a vegetarian. One of the main reasons that that didn't continue any longer was because of my nails. I could immediately see that they had deteriorated terribly, which was shocking to me as they've always been strong and healthy. They were peeling and the visible toll on my body worried me. I kind of realised I'm not yet responsible enough to ensure I'm getting all the minerals and vitamins my body needs sans meat. Since then, their condition was made worse by my part-time jobs over the summer - stock-taking in dusty backrooms and then working in a kitchen.

It quietly worried me over the months as it wasn't improving.

When I got the chance to review Jessica Nails Peeling Nails Treatment Kit, I jumped at it. And, to be honest, I did expect it to work. I love Jessica Nails as a brand; season after season they have the best colours, any manicures from them have been perfect and the treatments I've used before for moisturising have worked to a tee.

I use it once a week and have done so for about a month now. I can honestly say I find my nails to be stronger and in a better condition.

It's a three part system which also allows for the application of colour but leaves the nails looking neat and pretty without any additions. First you apply two coats of the Fusion which fuses layers of nail together and strengthens and conditions. At this point you can add two layers of colour, if you wish. Then you apply a coat of Brilliance to speed up drying and add a gloss - this is to be repeated every three days top it up. The last step is to massage Phenomen Oil into the cuticles to nourish them and promote growth and keep nails supple.

This sounds complicated and time-consuming but I guarantee it isn't if I'm doing it on the reg. It's very easy to use and really doesn't take that long to do. In fact, it's a pretty therapeutic process.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone facing peeling nails. But the one thing I would mention is that sometimes sloppy application causes the edges of the topcoat to lift from the nail after a day or two making them look messy. Which is a pain but a rather minimal detraction from an otherwise awesome product.

The kit can be purchased online and in retailers and spas or salons carrying Jessica products and costs €20.

Do you have any magic solutions to major nail problems?

*This item has been sent to me to review but all opinions are my own and have not been swayed by a third party*

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