Thursday, 27 November 2014

Little Gem: Atelier 27 @ Om Diva

Om Diva is one of those shops that is a true joy to visit. Much as I love COS and Topshop and my high street brands, it's nice to go to smaller businesses and get something you won't be seeing on absolutely every Tom, Dick and Harry in the place. And that it's a blend of vintage and contemporary pieces is always a bonus. Plus, the super-bright cute interior has always been a big selling-point for me.

But the long-standing staple of George's Arcade is not just the boutique as we knew it ages ago, in the past few years they've upped the ante and added Atelier 27 to the brand. This space is located up a wee staircase in the shop that you kind of feel you shouldn't be using and houses "the best in new, cutting-edge Irish design" and provides "a platform for some of the brightest and most exciting emerging designers working in Ireland today." The space itself is gorgeous, as you'd expect from the brand, with fantastic light and a balanced display. Currently on display are pieces of jewellery from Capulet and Montague, Kayleigh Forsythe, Aliquo and Cup of Jewellery among others. Clothing from Dolly Delinquent, Heather Finn, Laura May Hegarty, De Loup and We Are Islanders

It's definitely worth a visit and kind of mind-blowing. So much creativity in a relatively small space - it's really almost more of a gallery than a shop. But the nice thing about it being a shop is that you have the opportunity to take a little piece of art home with you.

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