Monday, 10 February 2014

Wide-Eyed and Brilliant: 10 Things I'm Loving Right Now.

1. Wildfox's Mrs Darcy Tee - The collection was adorable but this was IWANTSOMUCHMUSTHAVE.

2. Korean Beauty Products - SO CUTE. So cute, in fact, they made Sarah unable to look at them anymore the other day. It was an adorbs overload. Check out KollectionK to have a gander.

Korean Beauty Products

3. Unicorns - No explanation necessary. I just want them on everything.


UNICORNS! by fitzpac featuring Topshop

4. The new Warpaint Album - It's as hauntingly beautiful as you might demand.

5. The new Dum Dum Girls album - Can I be in the band?

6. Brendon Urie - I've rediscovered 14 year-old me's crush...and the band, obvs.

7. Swatching - It's gotten out of hand...geddit? GEDDIT???

8. Green - Never a colour I've been fond of before and suddenly...


Green by fitzpac featuring a nail polish

9. VOYA products - Smells good, makes me glow and is so green (heh)! What more could a gal ask for?

10. The Enclave by Richard Mosse at the RHA - Reeaaallllly needs to be seen. Amazing.

(All rights belong to the artist, obvs)

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