Sunday, 23 February 2014

What crazy crap is in my bag? - The one with a delivery and a lack of self-control.

I've been terrible at posting this week, I can only apologise. I have no excuse, I just didn't feel into it and that's the worst time to do it, it makes posting feel not genuine and forced. 

Tuesday saw me making dinner for one of my best friends and when I went to buy my groceries for a veggie moussaka, I also popped in to pick up a package from the post office. Finally, my Korean beauty products have arrived! Yayyyy!!1 

So, my bag contained my notebooks, wallet etc as per, alongside a courgette, two potatoes, garlic, some cherries, an aubergine, some organic eggs, grissini (breaksticks), a tin of tomatoes, my Tangle Attack, a beer and the package.

And, then, as I lack self-control I wandered into Boots, intending to look into a new concealer and ended up leaving with one of Seventeen's new Cheek Stamps...hrm. Suckered in by a complete gimmick once again. However, it actually has turned out to be great. A review is on it's way!

Bonus: Some pictures of the stuff from KollectionK. Some of it will feature in later posts with reviews etc. Look out for that! 

Cute little hello from the company.
My modest purchases - SO CUTE.

PS Would peeps be interested in me posting more recipes and stuff? I'm no expert but that was a damn fine moussaka. Sarah can vouch for me!

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