Saturday, 15 February 2014

What crazy stuff is in my bag? - The food edition.

So, I didn't find the Holy Grail in my bag this week - BOO-URNS. I did find a lot of food...because I went grocery shopping...but also this stuff.

Once again, aside from my dayplanner, pencil case, passport, notebook and sunglasses - seen in the first post - there was:

A new notebook
My crappy old phone
House keys
An umbrella

Organic natural yogurt
Organic falafel 
A tomato
A carrot
Some Milka

book about the painter Walter Osborne by Jeanne Sheehy

A "Tangle Attack" which is the two euro shop rip-off of the Tangle Teezer and is great

And a discount flyer for Frite Haus we were given when we left...yet it says nothing about a discount on it...hrm...

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