Sunday, 16 February 2014

Looking back at Outfits Past.

Fashion blogging mostly began with people posting images of their outfits online. While I enjoyed and still enjoy these types of blogs, the internet is now so saturated with fashion blogs that I feel like you need to be able to offer more than the ability to take a cute picture. Unless that's what you're known for and you'd be shooting yourself in the foot and alienating your audience by doing a 180.

My own roots are mostly in outfit posting. When I began this blog, nearly two years ago now, around 75% of my posts were outfit posts. The first thing I ever put up was a lowdown of the style in Buffy but a lot of what I put out there in the interim was OOTD. Gradually this became less of a focus. I was interested in talking about high fashion, reviewing shows, looking at trends and themes in fashion and more recently I decided I wanted to do all this while taking everything less seriously. Of course, I want to retain a certain level of professionalism but I also want to be able to make fun of myself and just have fun with fashion and junk. So, while levity is more of a concern, I've come to focus on particular areas such as photography, shows, reviewing products, OOTD, finding bargains, playlists and things I'm feeling.

Thinking about where I'm at now made me look at where I was previously. I've never gone on a deleting spree despite my certainty that past posts/outfits may be cringey. Yet, when I looked, they weren't that bad. In fact, though I no longer dress the same way, I can appreciate them. So, I decided to take a selection of past OOTDs as encouragement to do some more in the future. If nothing else, they're fun as a visual diary of where I'm at in my life.

I'm less with the fashion regrets over the past few years - you need to go back quite a bit for the true horrors of faux pas in my life - how about y'all? Any major mistakes? Particular periods of problematic choices?

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