Wednesday, 26 February 2014

The formula of how to Haim.

Haim's new video for If I Could Change Your Mind is all over my facebook feed and tumblr. It's mostly because girl and womankind alike, journalists and average Josephines alike are squeeing and fangirling to the max. The band's rise, to coin a terrible cliché, has been meteoric. And while many fans are of male and other gender-identifying persuasions, it seems to me that it is the female fans who are most into them.

We're all girl-crushing hard and by three.

And I think I've cracked the formula - how they've managed to beguile us all like wonderful songstressy sirens. Here's a breakdown of why Haim are so perfect.

1. See, Haim manage to be many things at once while maintaining a appearance of being genuine. Now, I'm not questioning this genuineness - I'm as fangirly as the next gal - but pointing it out is important. 

2. Dat Hair is perfect. Srsly. We all want it.

3. Us nineties gals remember when Girl Power was the phrase of the moment and how into it we all were. I mean, celebrating being a girl? So good! The fact that Haim are an all-girl band of sisters - though they are many things other than that and are still musicians and a band rather than merely a "girl band" - adds to our general adoration of them.

4. They're so cool! They never seem to try too hard or as they're high-maintenance. They're cool girls in a band being awesome.

5. But they're also a little goofy. The new video being a case in point. The choreography, the referencing of 60s and 70s girl groups. It's not an artsy short film trying too hard, it's people having fun. And still managing to be cool.

6. They're relatable - they're not air-brushed ideals but beautiful, talented, real, full human beings.

7.  Connected is the fact that while they have an enviable sense of style it's never over-styled - they could easily be a particularly cool girl you know. They're flawless but not in the literal sense of the word, in the fangirly sense. 

Clearly, I've spent my time wisely. Not thinking about the meaning of life or how to end climate-change but about why we all love Haim...hrm. What d'y'all think? Am I a million miles off or spot on?

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