Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ashish A/W 2014-15: My inner-child is squeeing.


I've genuinely been saying I want a pair for a while now but for some reason, by and large, they don't make them for adults. But now Ashish is bringing them to Topshop in an up-coming collab and yesterday they debuted them in their A/W 2014-15 show. I'm not mad on how they look but dammit, I haven't had light-up feet since I was a child!

Childlike and exuberant are, in fact, the best words to describe the showing. It was all sequins, pastels, princessy skirts and crowns. And I loved it. Some pieces were less than wearable but, overall, pieces could be integrated into many a wardrobe to add fun and flavour. The palette, nods to the nineties and touches of sportswear are nothing new, we've been seeing them season after season, and yet the collection seems fresh and endearing. This is largely down to the execution and styling. There's a lot going on but never really too much - the ruffle dress and ruffle two-piece denim suit are more out there than I could personally handle but they are moments of absolute extremes in a collection of well-handled maximalism that avoids becoming clownish.

PS Yay for the statement ending. "Love Will Win" is kinda the ultimate statement tee for our generation, right?

(Images from vogue.co.uk)

I give the collection 4.5/5 Colettes.

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