Thursday, 17 March 2016

One Good Tee

I cannot remember the last time that I did an outfit post but I felt really inspired to go back to my blogging roots and pop up some pictures of clothes that I actually wore IRL.

And the main motivating factor was this tee that I got at the Grimes gig in Dublin on Tuesday.

Not only do I love a good band tee and Grimes but I really like that her own artwork is featured on her merch. I made sure to buy it seriously oversized as it is the perfect statement tee that kind of does all the talking in an outfit. Basically, one good tee makes an outfit and allows you to look cool without having to think/try too hard.

Paired with some leather-look leggings, my trusty heeled ankle boots, a vintage black coat on top and a striped turtleneck underneath, there's a good balance of edgy and comfy. The beret softens the look and makes it cuter and more playful while the silver bag breaks up the otherwise entirely monochromatic look.

The result? Something I think looked quite cool, took two seconds to put together and felt like I was wearing pajamas.






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