Sunday, 6 March 2016


Last year, on my father's 50th birthday, I wrote a post about how he has influenced my sense of style. As my mother is his junior by just eleven days, I had intended to write a matching post about her but somehow never got around to it. So, today (over a year later - yikes), on Mother's Day, I'm finally doing it.

Why now? I guess it's because Mother's Day kind of sneaked up on me this year and it wasn't as prominent in my mind before the fact. And then I had such a thoroughly lovely weekend at home. It wasn't that long since my last visit, only a week, but I needed it. Nowhere else am I so at peace or comfortable and I'm always intensely thankful for my parents and glad to have a chance to hang out with them. They're both so cool and loving, fun and kind - two of my favourite people in the world.

Mammy and I, in particular, have always had a very special bond. I was an only child for three years before my brother and sister were born and spent most of that time alone with her. As I grew up, there were also periods where we ended up having a lot of alone time; such as when I started secondary school and, for three years before the twins followed me, had almost an extra month of summer holidays where Mammy and I mooched around together and, again, when I started college, I had more holiday time alone with her. Because of all this quality time and because her love for me was so palpable, I've always had a particular adoration for Mammy.

She's also a very open person; warm, honest and funny and witty. As a result, you can tell her anything and my sister and I have always considered her a friend as well as a mother. We've always told her everything and she has always been supportive and understanding. She's always been deeply involved in our lives; in shopping and dressing and many other aspects. She encourages us to be proud of ourselves and love how we look and she is constantly trying to get me into shorter dresses as she thinks my legs one of my best features.

I've never had fights with Mam where she told me not to go out wearing something. When I was a punk as a teen and was dressing a little differently to many of my peers, she embraced it, bought me bright pink Docs and long swishy coats and told me not to listen to teachers that told me I couldn't wear my black Docs with my school uniform (male counterparts were allowed to, however). Basically, she nailed supporting the development of my personal sense of style.

Her own sense of style is no joke either. Mam has seriously good taste which can be attested to by the fact that my sister and I constantly "borrow" from her wardrobe. And, over the years, I have had many a person ask where I got a certain top or jumper, only for me to reply, "It was Mammy's in the nineties."

Mammy encouraged me to always do my own thing, embrace how I look and have fun with clothes and has had an immense impact on who I am and how I dress today...just another reason to love her so.







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