Monday, 7 March 2016

REVIEW: YSL Touche Éclat Le Teint

I've been pretty committed to my Missha Cushion BB Cream for nearly a year now and, in general, stick to one foundation/base/BB at a time but YSL's new Touche Éclat Le Teint kinda came out of nowhere and caught my eye.

Before recently, the only other high-end foundation that I owned was a YSL hand-me-down from my mother which I realised was far too dark for me only after wearing it around for an entire I was interested in trying another that actually matched my skin-tone. Thankfully, YSL Ambassador and MUA, Fred Letailleur, was on hand to match me up to the correct shade (B10) this time around.

When he did this, he also placed the test patch on a breakout on my chin and concealed it, without mentioning it or drawing attention to it, which I thought was a pretty classy move. I have to admit, I was immediately taken by how it blended and how natural it looked.

I've heard tell that the previous formulation was dewier and looked even more skin-like but I can only go on the version I've been testing out and, I have to say, I'm a major fan. There is quite a bit of coverage but it is still light on the skin and doesn't really look like you're wearing anything, which is what I look for in a foundation. In fact, I can get away with using it without any concealer. That is a pretty remarkable feat and, for me, the less make-up, the better so this is right up my alley. It's also something to take into consideration as, though at €40-€42, it is a little pricey by many people's standards, you don't need to purchase a concealer if your skin isn't too problematic.

The foundation comes in a little, elegant glass bottle (which is quite compact and handy), emblazoned with the YSL logo and with a pump for hygienic use. It is recommended to pair it with YSL's Pinceau Y-Brush (€40) and the two really do make a great team. The brush has a little y-shaped indentation in the densely-packed bristles, ergo the name, and I like to pump two parts foundation to one part moisturiser onto the brush - each into a branch of the "Y" - before applying to my face. This makes it blend smoother and better over dry patches or old acne scars and makes the overall finish look better. The bringing together of these elements all works very well and the brush looks really pretty and blends well but I do think it might be a little long. A picky complaint, I know! And, in fact, the long tapered handle is aesthetically pleasing and part of the appeal but it can be a bit annoying to use.

Aside from this minor complaint though, I really love how this foundation looks. Even my father noticed a difference in my make-up (he normally wouldn't notice if I was running around on fire) and I've received quite a few compliments but, more importantly, I like it. I do pat in a little of my Missha on top, as a light layer, to get the dewiness I want but, overall, I couldn't really ask for more from a foundation.

Are there cheaper alternatives? Perhaps, but I think I'd probably waste a lot more money trying to find the right one. And, if it ain't broke, don't fix it!











(These products were given to me as press samples, however, all opinions expressed are my own)


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