Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Fyodor Golan AW16

The duo at Fyodor Golan have made a name for themselves as experimental designers and, with them, we've learned to expect the unexpected. The AW16 collection was no exception. However, the amount of variation and influences this time around was staggering. They showed 37 looks and labelled their inspiration as “Birth of Venus/Pin up/ Nicole Wermers/ Textures/Oliver Michaels/Industrialisation/Alexander Liberam/ Rhythm”...quite the mouthful...

Present once more were the highlighter shades that the have such a penchant for, prints of vintage Coke ads, metallics, giant eyelets, beading, embroidery, ruffles, 80s and 60s elements...

The spirit of experimentation, not limiting themselves, is admirable and there were many looks that really stood out and worked. However, the collection seemed to lack a little coherence or solid vision in the end.

What do you guys make of it? One thing's for certain, people await Fyodor Golan, if the eager crowd and speculation of strangers who met in the queue all around me was anything to go by. In fact, I wasn't at any other show where so many people struck up conversations with people that they hadn't come with. And, that, I suppose, says something about the label.






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