Monday, 26 January 2015

Little Gem: Castle & Drury

Much as I desperately love Dublin, it sometimes feels like an overstuffed closet - full of things you like but don't love. The high street dominates leaving little room for anything else. Or that was the case until recent years. The Recession gave more and more people the impetus to try make their dreams come true - if there's no guarantees, you may as well take risks. This meant shops opened that might not have during the Celtic Tiger. 

Only opened in the past few months is menswear store Castle & Drury - one of several cool, independent menswear stores that have popped up as of late. Based at the corner of Castle Market and Drury Street, it's poised in the part of city centre that's a wee bit more off the beaten track and far enough away from Grafton Street to do more interesting things. They stock labels like Han Kjobenhavn, Libertine-Libertine, Mads Norgaard, Bleu de Paname, Wood Wood, YMC and more. 

You should expect to pay more than you would at Topman or Zara but a glance at how the clothes are made or a feel of the fabrics show the investment in quality. There's a serious streetstyle vibe and a bit of the Scandinavian takeover that's been steadily sweeping over the city with more Scandi brands being carried in SS15. And it's just a bit of a breath of fresh air to shop in. From the perfect decor to the enviable flattering lighting in the dressing room to the gorgeous bright space upstairs that's flooded with natural light.

A must for any fashion-conscious man in the city, really. 
















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