Sunday, 11 January 2015

Into the Blue

Image Magazine is probably my favourite of all Irish fashion publications. I first encountered the magazine as a teen when a friend actually appeared in a shoot in it. Out of support, I bought a copy and fell in love with an Irish version of the publications I have always admired. My aunt buys it monthly so when I was younger and had no money of my own, she would often give me her copy once she was done with it.

I've kind of grown up with Image and delighted in high fashion with a distinctly Irish twist. It also was cool to have a magazine like Vogue or Elle UK that talked about lovely things available readily here and with prices in euros. To have a magazine that talked about homegrown talent and supported Irish brands and designers and companies. 

The January 2015 edition of Image Magazine featured a shoot that I was particularly struck by and that I felt the need to blog about. Into the Blue, shot by Eilish McCormick and styled by Corina Gaffey, features beautifully crisp, clean images of beautifully crisp, clean outfits. The whole thing is gorgeous - not that it would be difficult to make Faye Dinsmore look good... - and features so much female Irish talent in one shoot that I've come over all fan-girly. But seriously, these are the things I love in images and styling. Sporty, sophisticated, simplicity. It's kind of my mantra. And the no-nonsense shots against a blue background that makes Faye's eyes and the neutral toned white and grey or blue outfits pop? Yes, please.

What a perfect palette cleanser for the new year.







(All images are the property of Image Magazine)

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  1. Wow, if I'm honest I wasn't expecting anything as good as this but this is amazing! Loving the colours.