Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Winter Light

At home, the light is at its most beautiful at sunset during winter. When the air is crisp and your breath floats all around you. When the ground crunches beneath your feet. The naked trees that provide relief from the sun in winter play games with it instead. The two flirt so that light dances all around, between gaps, under, over.

Comfort is important on these cold days. Ease of movement, protection against the elements. The surroundings and the setting influence how I dress. It's so quiet and other-worldly in its beauty that it feels like a different time here. Wandering through it on my own, with internet firmly behind doors and the rest of the world far away, I get this sense of calm. I breathe again. It helps recharge. So I put on a vintage coat owned by my mother before me and as old as I am, from our time in France. It is a timeless piece - navy wool, practical, reliable. Both light and warm. Voluminous enough to hide in but not so heavy as to get lost. Around my neck is a new Fat Face scarf from my aunt. Hardly a practical item, it is such a slip of a thing. But charming in how much it suits my tastes. Beloved for having someone who knows the things I like so well. Muted blue run through with many other colours so subtle that they are like speckles in tweed. Earthy. On my feet are well-worn New Look boots. Slightly cowboyish with a low heel. Enough to feel adult, adequately low for me to walk in with ease. The latest purchase from Zara encases my legs. Again in the blue family - navy pinstripes. Wide-legged. Elasticated waist. Casual today but always sharp and ready to be dressed up. Trusty Topshop sunglasses to help tame that playful sun. All together something a little Parisian in styling but traditionally Irish in elements of materials and tones.

Perhaps not the clothes for trekking around the fields in but something for wandering just a little with camera in hand and head in clouds. For basking in how lovely everything around me is. For embarking on something a little new to me. My first OOTD captured on camera but moving, not still.

Okay, so I'm super-nervous about this one. But I really wanted to show how I see home and winter how they inspire me to dress. I thought the combination of words and photographs and films went some way towards doing this. What do you think? 

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