Thursday, 3 April 2014

Ultimate Spring Smells.

Ultimate Spring Scents

I've been marching all over Dublin, sampling smells in order to pick the best ones for this season. Here's the fruit(y fragrance) of my labour. The following are my four top picks for Spring 2014. Usually I stick to my favourite perfumes all year 'round but I've stumbled across some lovely ones lately and it made me rethink that whole approach. And when fate intervenes, who are we mere mortals to question it?

This scent is pretty warm and may be more of a winter smell to some but the sweet floral and fruity undertones add freshness. It's both comfort and sweetness in a scent. My current fave - no doubt. €60

Sidenote: Sarah thinks this smells like whiskey and Shinny reckons it smells like talc...bizarre.

A classic. Instantly rewarding, very pretty and ever-chic. Love. From €31.

Not something I'd normally be drawn to but the lovely girl in the Wicklow Street store really sold it to me. Super-intriguing. €57.

This is a perfume that settles well. Once you give it some time, it's lovely. And, as it needs time, you are less like to douse yourself in it as you might be with the original Chloé - a true danger. From €35.

So, thar you are. Perhaps this was not the most informative about the scents but it's my feelings and opinions on the matter. Do you change up your smells each season? Any you're digging right now?

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