Monday, 28 April 2014


Even though it's getting warmer (wooop) it is still Ireland, after all. So, I'm not quite jumping the gun like that one guy you always see on the first sunny day of Spring who cracks out the shorts while we all shiver and judge him silently. This in-between period of warm but not hot is a great time for experimenting. Here I'm wearing a cardigan over a jumper for the cooler evening but the jumper is cropped and worn as a top by itself. The pants are a light material and also slightly cropped so they work for Spring as well. A lot of print is going on, especially for me, but I think it's still rather restrained due to the muted brownish-red, blue and black tones. On paper, that sounds disgusting but I rather like the result. The whole thing is quite playful - messing with lengths and mixing patterns.

Cardigan and Jumper - Zara - Pants - Urban Outfitters - Sneaker Wedges - Topshop - Earrings - Cos

I'm really loving this jumper. I can just imagine pairing it with a pencil skirt for summer nights out when it's chillier in the evening. 

PLUS: I'm pretty excited by how long my hair is now! It's been a work in progress for years and is the longest it's ever been. I never blow-dry it so the nice wave going on here is purely from plaiting it when it was slightly damp still and leaving that until it was dry.

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