Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Favourite Things - April 2014.

Here be a post of the things I've been enjoying this month!

Dad brought this necklace home to me from Singapore. I was convinced it wouldn't fit because it looks SO TINY. But it actually does fit and rests in the hollow of my neck in a lovely way. Kinda obsessed - it looks so cool on.

The dress this is sitting on is from Next and should feature in posts soooon. I love it!

No real explanation necessary here. So delicious! But dangerous. I could easily polish off the whole thing in one sitting...Eep!

I don't like putting my hair through too much and while this is not entirely natural, it's slightly better! Leaves my hair feeling lovely, doesn't weigh it down and lathers brilliantly in spite of not being a chock-full of chemicals.

I'm loving anything from the Sapien Women line from Surya Brasil but the body moisturiser is a particular favourite. It smells SO GOOD. Seriously. I love it. My mam loves it. My brother loves it. It's coconut and mango...connect the dots right there. Good enough to eat (though I wouldn't recommend that).

So multi-purpose and so effective!

I've been late more often since I started using this as I spend waaayyy more time on my brows. Still, worth it. Obsessed.

L'Oreal Elvive always smells amazing and, bonus: this has GLITTER in it. I can't say I've noticed it after washing my hair but, hey, I'm a sucker for a gimmick.

Re-reading Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Because, I mean, who needs sleep? Yeah, I felt empty and hollow after I finished it last time and had to sleep in my mam's bed that night but it's a damn good book.

I'm loving Wuthering Heights everything and anything at the moment. Major obsession coming on. 

Not Teletubbies - but the sun! How I've missed thee! It's nice to get some Vitamin D into the system.

So, those are my faves du moment. What are you guys loving? I'd love to know...ahahah...I'm going now.

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