Friday, 15 November 2013

H&M pour Isabel Marant pour moi!

Ahhh! So, here are the two pieces I bought plus the lovely bag they came in. If you haven't guessed, I was  utterly excited! Upon approaching the shop, I began to skip and smile delightedly. I grabbed my pieces - this tank and these joggers. The pants, embarrassingly, are for an eleven to twelve year old...but they were half the price of the adult ones so I guess being short has its upsides! When I went to the counter, the woman next to me had bought over a grand worth of Marant garments. I was pretty jealous but I was way more excited about my purchases worth one twentieth of hers - I think I'll keep my enthusiasm over her wealth! The rest of my day ran so smoothly and, it sounds stupid but I attribute it to starting the day off so well...


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