Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Clutching at awesomeness.

How great is this clutch? I bought it to go with my grad outfit. Ah, grad outfits - what an ordeal! The perfect dress didn't materialise - I could find nothing minimal, black/white/both (dress code) and not overly girly. Then I thought about jumpsuits but fit and material got in the way. In the end I just went with my favourite skinny pants from Zara, a vintage cream blazer which is a real show-stopper and an opaque cami from Topshop. As I'd only bought a new top for the occasion, I decided to treat myself to a solid accessory as well. This Topshop bag is so perfect - neutral enough to go with anything yet shiny and awesome enough to be a pop. And also a nod to pieces by designers such as Stella McCartney. 

I thought I'd do a wee shoot with it to showcase its loveliness for y'all. What do you think?

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