Sunday, 24 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide (kind of) - Part I - This one goes out to all the Lovers in the room.

So, basically I wanted to do a gift guide but I'm loathe to say "for her" or "for girls" etc etc. I think dictating typically "female" things is kind of wrong. So, instead, this is stuff I've seen and think is cute. I like these things and would give or receive all of them happily. They are largely female orientated with a lot of beauty products etc but those things aren't my only concerns in life so I've also included some things that anyone could enjoy. Not all of these things are readily available anymore but substitutes could easily be found.

I've broken these gifts down by categories I assigned to them and I'll do one category per post. The first is super-cute gifts that have meaning and you would give to a boyfriend/girlfriend/partner/love/wife/husband etc.


This ring by Lumo is still available from their site at $55. You have yours and your person's name put on it. It's simple, beautiful and so cute! I always think that the nicest gifts are personal or personalised..


On a similar note, this love birds necklace is, once again, lovely and sweet but slightly less expensive at $24.50


The last of these jewellery ideas is the most expensive. An amazing collaboration between the brilliant brains behind Tatty Devine and the ever-adorable Rob Ryan for Selfridges. You can buy items from the line here. My favourites are already sold out (as are the above) but other pieces are still available. Prices start at £95.


This LP frame is from Tiger at four euro and a similar one for six euro is for sale in Ikea. I think a really sweet idea is to buy one of these for an album that means something to the two of you. So, for me, I'd get the Nirvana Unplugged LP or Doolittle by the Pixies for Daniel as the first gift I ever bought him was the DVD of the Unplugged session and our first song was La La Love You off Doolittle.


This book (clearly available on Amazon) can be picked up for around ten pounds but prices of books always vary. It is one of the sweetest things I've ever read. In fact, I'm such a sap I tear up every time I read it. I love, love, love Rob Ryan - made obvious by the fact that he appears twice on this list (as does Tatty Devine - his collaboration team for the jewellery above). 

So, those are my first gift suggestions. These are really ones to give from the heart and are less about spending lots of money but I've given items across a range of prices to suit lots of different tastes.

On a last note, for this category I think experiences are great gifts - holidays together, days out etc. Handmade stuff is always nice. Love letters are like my favourite thing to get ever. And you can rarely go wrong with flowers - white roses in Winter just work. 

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