Sunday, 10 November 2013

AHS Coveting their style.

God, I'm funny. How do I come up with this gold so easily? I kid, I kid. Just love me a good pun. 

So, I was a big fan of AHS season one. I loved Violate and their doomed, grungey romance. I loved the soundtrack. I loved that it actually frightened me. And I loved Violet's style. However, the plot took twists a little too off-putting for me to enjoy properly. I didn't catch much of season two but it seemed a little all over the place. Yet, season three had me super-excited before it even started. I LOVED that they were pairing up Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters again and I was crazy for the witch theme. My leaving cert history project was on witches and I've always been a tad obsessed. I was convinced I was going to turn Wiccan when I was sixteen. This never happened but my interest remained. The New Orleans setting was also a bonus - I so want to go some day! 

But the styling! My god, the styling, As if I didn't have enough reasons to love the show! Since I've started watching I've been intrigued by the plot and have great hope for it but the overall aesthetic, sets and clothes are KILLER (heh). Srsly, though. And, I mean, if that wasn't enough then there's this: 

Once again, Taissa kind of steals the show style-wise. I mean, I think she's adorable but the clothes are amazing. The large amounts of black, the ankle boots, the layers all just work for the modern witch. And I'm crazy for the hats. Love me some hats.

All in all, I'm as excited for what everyone will be wearing as I am for the story each week.

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