Saturday, 30 November 2013

A little lemonaid for making the perfect Lorina substitute!

So, as with makeup, I feel a little bit like a fraud giving anyone advice on cooking/recipes/whatever. However, this is a thing I made and made well. You need not heed my advice but I'll leave it here just in case.


2.5 cups lemon juice
2.5 cups sugar
1 cup cranberry juice
1 cup sparkling water

1. Juice enough lemons for two and a half cups worth.

2. Bring sugar and one cup of tap water to boil. Stir until the sugar dissolves. Allow to cool.

3. Add lemons, cranberry juice and sparkling water. It's genuinely that simple!

Serve with cute cupcakes as below or bottle and add a ribbon for a cute gift! The lemonade should survive pretty well for a few days if refrigerated. 

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