Thursday, 18 December 2014


Perhaps I'm odd but I often wonder what my life would be like if were a boy. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much glad that I'm female but being so aware of, and passionate about, gender issues, I can't help but wonder at how different things might be? How different I might be? Or not? How I might look? How I might dress?

Yes, dress is one of the main differences I consider as it is so important to me as a woman and I'm so conscious of the difference in expectations of men and women. Of the different limitations. Of the difference in access.

I think in most ways, I'd be very much the same person that I am now. I think this would be true, too, of how I dress. I mean, I don't wear dresses or skirts that often as it is. The colour palette I gravitate towards isn't particularly representative of traditional colours associated with any gender. I'm really all about comfort, ease, clean lines, pleasing textures and good fit.

So, I decided to put together outfits that I would rock if I were a boy...and realised they're basically what I wear now. I still love a lot of black and navy. There's a preference for solid colours over patterns, a love of knitwear and a good leather jacket. Pants like jammies are good as are brands like Cos, Saint Laurent, Acne, Zara. I'm still craving New Balances and the perfect weekend bag. Still the same Colette - although, according to my Mam, I would have been called Jamie.

This is how Jamie would have dressed.

Also, no way could I afford to dress the way I'd like to as a dude. Those clothes be expensive!

Boy I

Boy II


Boy IV

Boy V

What do you reckon? Would I have been a chic-ass man?

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