Thursday, 4 December 2014

Heatons x Wide-Eyed and Blind

A few weeks back I got this awesome coat from Heatons. It's a dead ringer for a Céline piece a few seasons back that I adored and there are similar coats all over the place at the moment but this one is much more affordable at under forty euro. It's not something I'll wear forever but something I was aware was going to be a brief, passionate love affair. And really it doesn't mirror the things I usually buy for my wardrobe - pastel pink isn't overly present. So, the lower cost is a major plus. I also really like the fit and the texture 

Paired with the awesome reversible tartan-houndstooth scarf I got at the Heatons press day a while back, you get a cosy look combining several trends for this season (winter pastels, traditional prints, blanket scarves). And placed over an all-black outfit, it marks a bit of a break from the norm for me, which is always nice.

Cue moody winter light and looking very warm and wrapped up.

Sunglasses, shoes, leggings, long black tee - Topshop 

Coat and Scarf - Heatons

In the interest of transparency, it should be noted that both pieces from Heatons were given to me but all opinions expressed are my own.

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