Friday, 12 December 2014

November Favourites

It's now well into December but I still wanted to do a "favourites" post for November. It's something I've done sporadically so far and without connection to particular months. While I think categorising things by set time periods is a bit redundant (don't get me started on using centuries as umbrella terms for styles or cultural movements), I also think it's a useful way of organising the posts and encouraging me to make them more coherent and regular.

The underlining note to my blog is echoed in the format of these favourites. Rather than exploring things merely related to fashion or beauty (not that there's anything wrong with those sorts of favourites), I group all the cultural, creative and design things that I've been vibing in one place because, to me, they all feed into each other. The music I'm listening to can affect how I dress or the book I'm reading will decide how I do my hair. It's all connected and to separate them seems unnatural.

Chanel Coco Rouge Shine in Bohéme

I blog about make-up and beauty but I don't wear make-up every day or anything near it. This may seem odd but make-up is something I like to wear but don't feel obliged to use. However, if I feel like I should, or want to, dress up for something yet can't be arsed to do the whole routine, I'll fill in my eyebrows, do a wee bit of concealing and pop on some lip colour. This lipstick has become my go-to. It's not matte so it doesn't catch on dry patches and goes on smoothly. It's hydrating. It's a gorgeous shade and doesn't look like you're trying too hard. But it still adds a bit of polish to your look. It's not at all high-maintenance - Basically it's everything I could ask for from a lipstick.

Akatsuki no Yona

Finding a new anime is a bit of a miracle. So many are filled with unbearable clichés or unlikeable female characters. When I find a good one that happens to also be a grand, sweeping adventure, filled with amazing art, funny, historical, with a great female lead, scored well...I am overjoyed. This anime recounts the adventures of Princess Yona after her father is killed, a childhood friend and love betrays her and her country is thrown into upheaval. Yona has to deal with the real world and difficulties for the first time which is a relateable parallel for anyone in their twenties. Plus, it's funny as hell. And the opening and closing themes are great.

Keaton Henson

Keaton Henson has been the soundtrack to my November. Especially his latest instrumental album. There's something old world about the talented bastard that's both frustratingly idealised and wonderfully romantic. I love the subjects that he gravitates towards, his expression as an artist all around and his voice. Plus, his latest EP came out on my birthday. That has to be fate, right?


Another Englishman with a similar name. Another love of late. I'm a sucker for the Romantics yet, for some reason, Keats was new to me. But thank God! What a discovery, a revelation. There's something so beyond and of his time about his work. It's the ideals of that era with form more modern, titillation and flirtation not in keeping with his peers. A particular favourite du moment:

 Ode to Psyche - 1

Alexander Wang x H&M

You all know how excited I was for the collection and now I have it in my hands, I wear it on the reg. Most often I wear my cropped black pants but the iconic Wang jumper has a rather special place in my heart. It hangs in my room where it's almost a piece of art.


Paul Costelloe Living for Dunnes Stores Candle in Fig and Vanilla

This is my absolute favourite smell at the moment. I'm feeling all things Romantic and the past at the moment so candle-light is an absolute necessity and this candle is the perfect one. From the simple design to the smell to the packaging, everything about it is great. And, at twelve quid, it's much more affordable than most luxury scented candles without compromise on the quality.



Christmas is my favourite time of year and I've been going crazy for it. I've been doing so for the last month and a bit. November is when I stock up on stocking fillers for my family, begin to hoard decorations and start planning meetings with friends. Now the countdown is on and I can't wait.


Heatons Coat

This coat featured in a post recently and I'm so in love with it! It breaks up the almost entirely black outfits I wear on the daily and it's so sweet without being twee. It's also one of those pieces that people stop you to compliment - which is always nice.



I have a whole photo post about winter coming soon but suffice to say that I love winter. I love the freshness of the cold air, I love warm drinks and cosy clothes and huddling by fires with loved ones. I love layering outfits. I love the light (when there is any). I love the look of bare trees against setting suns.


So, what have you been loving?

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