Sunday, 22 December 2013

Tatty Devine Dublin Pop-up Visit.

I kind of love Tatty Devine jewellery and was pretty psyched to find out that they had opened a pop-up in BT2 on Grafton Street for the Christmas season. When I mentioned my desire to pop in and talk to people and take some photos, the brand was super-helpful and Aisling, who talked to me on the day, was so kind.

Aisling in action.

You can drop in during BT2's opening hours and get personalised bracelets or necklaces. Charms come in all shapes and you can start at one on a necklace, going up to fifteen on the bracelets. Initials or shapes with particular sentiments can be chosen. The process is pretty sweet and involved and I think is much nicer than passively buying some other gift with less thought put into it. Aisling tells me that the weirdest personalised request that they've gotten is for the word "my". Just my, not mine. And apparently it wasn't someone's name either...odd...

Two other super gift options are the cracker at twenty-five euro and the book at fifteen. The book shows how to make your own jewellery and is a gift that keeps on giving! The cracker is not only packaged adorably, it is also good value. The charm on the front is what hangs on a necklace which you construct upon opening. ALSO, it's a WORKING CHRISTMAS CRACKER. Awesome.

This was my last gift suggestion for this Christmas! Enjoy x

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